Proud to say that our company Sabat Exports Private Limited – the owner of brand ‘Utkalamrita‘, headed by its two wonderful directors, have completed successful participation in two international fairs at Singapore, within a span of just a month!
Our stall E07 at Siisfest 2015, decorated with brilliant #Odisha #handicrafts! Our Director is a proud Odisha Ambassador as she sports a gorgeous, bright yellow Odisha Pasapalli Silk Saree!

These fairs were Singapore International Indian Shopping Festival or Siisfest (24-27 Sept 2015) and Salaam India Exhibition (15-18 Oct 2015). Read more about the participation here and here respectively.

Our Director at Salaam India Exhibition! She also looks a true representative of #Odisha by proudly sporting a silk-cotton temple pattern handwoven Ikat stole!

Extremely special during Siisfest was being the only products stall from among more than 200 exhibitors to be featured in a Tamil newspaper!
The Tamil newspaper reporter asking our Director about various products of culture-rich Odisha state!

The Tamil newspaper article!

Singapore is a queen among cities. Our two Queens felt absolutely delighted at Singapore visiting this friendly, stunning city for the first time! Looking forward to doing more business at Singapore!

Contact sabatexports@gmail.com for any of our amazing #Odisha handicrafts, arts, silks and jewellery!

*Linking to ABC Wednesday (Letter Q- Queenly, Queens)

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