‘Terracotta’ means burnt clay. It is also called ‘Mruttika’ in Odia. These crafts are earthy, strong and extremely attractive when painted. Many different items are made from clay by talented Odisha craftsmen such as diyas (small lamps), cute lanterns, earrings, necklaces, masks, vases, utilities like coffee cups, glasses, chulhas or clay cookstoves, incense stick stands, showpieces of just about anything (human figures, animals, plants, Lords’ statues, monuments, even Angry Birds!! Sky is the limit of imagination!) Recently, a Mruttika Fair was held in Bhubaneswar before the Festival of Lights- Diwali. The variety of creative and brilliant terracotta crafts are simply to be seen to be believed:
It is absolutely interesting to see the Odisha clay craftsmen at work, producing colorful clay masterpieces:

Mind-blowing are not they?! 

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