The craftsmen of Odisha create lovely traditional jewellery out of Silver.

This Silver Filigree has intricate designs with many choices.

One finds it tough to choose!

Utkalamrita offers many varieties of Fashion Jewellery.

Some are given below. Which of these do you like?

1) Mango-Fruit & Flower inspired traditional design

Order here.

2) Two-layered traditional danglers

Order here.

3) ‘Chakra’ or Circles like Lord Jagannath’s round eyes!

Order here.

Flaunt these earrings and spread your charisma!

Do gift these excellent items to your loved ones this Friendship Day & also on the special Nabakalebara Year of Lord Jagannath!

Or, bring them to your home for your personal use and change your style!

Contact us at if you want any of these amazing products to be shipped anywhere worldwide!


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