Brand Utkalamrita presents to the world exquisite and best handicrafts based on Lord Jagannath! Check out our list and buy right away at amazing prices!

1) Series of ‘Prabha Jagannath’ or the three Lords with Rising Sun behind them:

See the delightful Blue Prabha here.

Blue Prabha Jagannath!

See the amazing Red Prabha here.

And the bright Green Prabha here.

2) Marvellously crafted small versions of Puri Jagannath Temples:

Check out the Brown Temple here & Green Temple here.

Smaller version of Puri’s Shree Jagannath Temple!

3) Bring home the unique Kalash Jagannath from here!
Jagannath presiding over a Kalash!

4) Small Portable Wooden Temple of the Lords with doors opening and closing! Superbly handcrafted! Buy here.
Such a pretty view of the Lords after opening the doors!

5) Jagannath Besha paintings. The Lords have 32 Beshas (costumes for special occasions)! Check out our offers on 3 major Beshas:

a) Laxmi Narayan Besha

b) Bankachuda Besha:

Delightful Bankachuda Besha of the Lords!

c) Nagarjuna Besha

6) Silver Filigree Earrings ‘Chakra’ or Circles like the Lord’s round eyes!

Fab Pure Silver (Filigree) Chakra Earrings!

So, gift these excellent items to your loved ones in this special Nabakalebara Year of the Lord!

Or, bring them to your home/office to change the very look of your surroundings and gather all the adulation you can! Stay blessed! Jai Jagannath!

Contact us at sabatexports@gmail.com if you want any of these amazing products to be shipped anywhere worldwide!


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