The Presiding Deities of Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha have undergone ‘Nabakalebara’ after 19 years. Their old bodies have been buried and new ones sculpted this year. Read details here: Nabakalebara in Detail

‘Naba’ means New.

‘Jaubana’ means Youth.

‘Darshana’ means Show.

With great fanfare, the Lords have shown the first glimpse of their ‘New Bodies’

The first look of freshly painted Lords!

to people on 17 July 2015, i.e. Nabajaubana Darshana Day. So also, our brand Utkalamrita has shown itself to the world on this very day through its exclusive online store – Utkalamrita Store!

And guess what?! By divine coincidence, Utkalamrita also debuted with 17 products only!

Our FB account too debuted on this day:

Utkalamrita’s 1st Cover Photo & FB Debut!

And our Twitter account also debuted on this day: @Utkalamrita

Blessed to show our first look to the world on the same day The Lords have done! Jai Jagannath!

Contact us at if you want any of these amazing products to be shipped anywhere worldwide!

ABC Wednesday – B For Bodies, Buried, Brand, Blessed

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