Utkalamrita's Exclusive Odisha Handloom GI Store with running loom installation launched!

First time in Odisha, India & globally, a dedicated Odisha Handloom GI (geographical indications) store has been set up by us at Utkalamrita, 650, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar!
Our Odisha handlooms GI (geographical indications) store with weaves segregated & arranged neatly as per GI name!
See our exclusive GI Hall, which has display of most of Odisha handloom GIs such as Kotpad, Sambalpuri, Berhampuri, Gopalpur Tussar, Bomkai, Khandua &  Dhalapathar! The lighted ceiling is one of its kind, containing our logos along with our AU (authorised user) number which we had got from #ministryofcommerce #GoI for being an AU of "Orissa Ikat" GI tag.
Our lighted ceiling is one of its kind in the world along with our GI Hall having various Odisha Handloom GI tagged items arranged by section!Khandua section sarees & fabrics are displayed here!
See the views of our innovative Weaver Zone - again a first of its kind as for first time a weaver loom has been set up inside any showroom! 
Nuapatna khandua loom is set up at our showroom....first time in Bhubaneswar there is a loom within a showroom!
Catch glimpses of our phenomenal wall clocks upcycled from our waste ikat fabrics by @munmun_saicreations alongwith Innovative Odia wall decor set up below them!
See how the outside of our showroom is decorated using Pattachitra art as well as latest technology to display the different types of Odisha weaves via latest poster stickers!
Outside of Utkalamrita StoreOutside of Utkalamrita StoreEntry gate of Utkalamrita store
At our entrance & just after entry at reception as well as outside the GI Hall, we have lighted up using Pipli applique lampshades! Here is link to the video of our store:
By blessings of all, this beautiful store has been inaugurated Pre-Diwali on 19 Oct, 2022 by Chief Guest Akash Das Nayak, Guest of Honor Saswat Joshi, our Weavers from Nuapatna, Bargarh, Boudh, Sonepur & several luminaries & well-wishers! Here is link to the inauguration of our store:
All are invited to visit & learn about GIs of Odisha relating to handicrafts & handloom! Love & Light!! 
Videos & Pics: @wapi_films @siju_d_antivirus

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