‘Patta’ means specially made canvas (from old cotton sarees/cloth, tamarind paste as glue etc.) and ‘chitra’ means painting. Pattachitra has been practised since over thousand years in Odisha, India.
Stunning Pattachitra showing Radha Krishna in dancing pose!.

Natural colors are used and absolutely ravishing paintings are done mostly depicting Lord Krishna and various stories linked to Him.

Lord Krishna holding the Govardhan mountain with his little finger, to protect the village of Vrindavan from floods and Lord Indra’s fury!

Odisha was earlier known as ‘Kalinga’ and many brave sea-farers and merchants of Kalinga ventured out far in ancient times till South East Asia, Africa, Sri Lanka and other countries for trade. This is artfully depicted in Pattachitras too.
Kalinga people welcoming back the merchants! This is celebrated during upcoming Kartika Purnima festival in Odisha as well!

We as brand Utkalamrita are giving ‘Pattachitras’ a new dimension by making these on kurtas and stoles as well!
Our Director sports this regal Pattachitra painting of Radha-Krisna Leela on her kurta! She proudly stands in her office room beside a huge Pattachitra painting depicting Kalingan traders’ return as well!

Pattachitras are also made on Tussar silk cloth, which are called ‘Tussar paintings’. Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, gifted ‘Tree of Life’ tussar painting, made by artist Shri Bhaskar Mohapatra to the French President earlier this year- a matter of great pride for Odisha and India!
Tree of Life!

In our Director’s room, a ‘Tree of Life’ tussar painting made by the same illustrious artist Shri Bhaskar Mohapatra hangs proudly and elegantly!
Golden framed ‘Tree of Life’ in our Director’s office room!

We are encouraging this ancient, eco-friendly, ravishing art form to survive in this modern age. We are innovating various products to incorporate the Pattachitra style into them!

Stay tuned with us to know more!

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